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Police commission new cars

A new fleet of police cars  commissioned by Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson  hit the road yesterday.

The investment of over $6 million according to  the  commissioner said will assist in beefing up patrols in high crime areas.

“Basically it will in all of the communities, particularly in those communities where you have high criminal activities.

“We always talk about hot spots  and we all know where they are and you know where they are. We want to make sure you are safe when you’re shopping.

“When you look around,  we want you to see the patrol cars nearby. So the the criminals will see them and deter them from taking any kind of action,” he said.    

The commissioner reminds  residents  that the community has a role to play in the ongoing fight against crime.

“All of us live here in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, each and everyone of us and persons who visit  The Bahamas love this place and I love this place. 

“So it’s very important that we come together as a team to make it very difficult for criminals to operate in our communities. 

“You can expect to see more visibility. There are a number of vehicles on the road now,  but can you imagine what can happen if we have more vehicles out? 

“That means more persons are mobile and they can move around quickly, respond to an  incident and cover a wide area. So it would act as a deterrent to criminals,” Commission Ferguson said.  

There are a total of 58 new cars, 11 of them were sent to the Family Islands and five were sent to Grand Bahama.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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