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The Princess Margaret Hospital is out to ensure that a patient’s  stay at the hospital is at least a comfortable and safe one with its newly renovated maternity ward after years of complaints.

Head of the hospital’s Maternity / Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Dr. Leon Dupuch said that the department spent  a considerable sum on the upgrade, which includes new floor and ceiling tiles, freshly painted walls, a newly renovated nursing station and colorful Bahamian art.

The department also established a Maternity Day Assessment Unit to assist with overcrowding on the labor ward.

 Director of Maternal and Child Health Dr. Andrea Griffith-Bowe said, “Now, we have introduced an entire space for mothers who may not be in labour, but at least need to be assessed. For example, mothers with coughs and colds, mothers who might have ruptured a membrane, i.e. their water bag might have burst. Mothers who are having pain, but not necessarily in labor.”

She added  “we have a dedicated staff for this area. We have a dedicated nurse for this area. We are so proud to announce that, and we have an ultrasound unit for this area as well as the monitors required for mother and baby.”

This unit includes six beds with another seven beds allotted for labor which doubles the facility’s previous capacity.

Despite the shortage of nurses in the country, Dr. Griffith-Bowe said she has been reassured that they will have the required number stationed on the ward. 

Head Nurse Bertha Sands said, “We have just recently had 14 new midwives who will be entering into the department. So, this will help us with our cadre of staff.” 


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