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PM Says, “God Can’t Stop Me Now”—Christie’s Comment Sends Mixed Signals

Bahamians have expressed their outrage at Prime Minister Perry Christie after the controversial comments he made over the weekend during a speech at the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) rally in Ramsey, Exuma.


Persons flooded social media expressing their frustration with what they deemed inappropriate comments.


During his speech, Mr. Christie began to experience some technical issues, upon resolving the problems Mr. Christie made the following statement.


“It going so good, God can’t stop me now,” he said.


The context of Mr. Christie’s comments has been debated, but that didn’t necessarily take away the general anger from the public.


Free National Chairman Sidney Collie, responded to the comments by calling them “blasphemous.”


“We’ve become accustom to watching Perry Christie and the PLP act disrespectfully to our country, but their delusional thinking has hit a new and awful low. The prime minister now says that not even ‘God can stop the PLP’. This may be the most shameful statement made by a head of state in the history of The Bahamas.”
“I and the FNM demand the prime minister apologize for his public display of blasphemy.  From pastors to deacons, the PLP’s candidates include 8 individuals that either formerly or currently serve leadership positions in ministry.  These individuals must also call upon their leader to apologize.  Remaining silent is nothing short of condoning this blasphemy.” “For the FNM’s part, I can assure the Bahamian people that our leader and this party do not believe that anything is bigger than God and that all things are possible through him.  Including stopping the PLP and saving this country,” Mr. Collie said.


This incident is not the first time Mr. Christie has been in hot water for statements with a religious connotation.


In 2012, Mr. Christie indicated that God made him the prime minister of The Bahamas.


“They could have the best intention in the world. They can pray and say ‘Oh God, I want to do this.’ But God has spoken. God made me the prime minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. But guess what? Do you know who the prime minister of the Bahamas is? You could go to Hubert. You can go to Greg Gomez. You even could go to Minnis, but then they got to call me,” Mr. Christie said.


More recently in 2016, after the S&P downgrade Mr. Christie said, “Acts of God caused negative S & P action.”


“We’re talking about a country that has been devastated not by the decisions of the government, but by the allowance of God,” Mr. Christie said.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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