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PM Quells Victimisation Fears

Now that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has won the coveted North Abaco seat Prime Minister Perry Christie said residents in that constituency do not have to worry about victimisation, despite what the Free National Movement (FNM) says.

Mr. Christie said despite what the Opposition has tried to push forth during its bye-election campaign, the government does not care whether Abaco residents support the FNM or the PLP adding that each resident’s concern will be heard, taken care of and attended to.

In fact, Mr. Christie said in the grand scheme of things victimising anyone might cause more harm than good to his party.

“Firstly we have to win a general election in about four or five years time, it is foolish to have victimisation as a policy in a small community like this and expect to win next time,” he said.

“And next time is more important. You see this is not a general election this is just adding one more seat and making me have 30 of the 38. It is just foolish, I know they are looking for a claim.”

During the campaign trail the Opposition expressed grave concerns that their supporters would be victimised.

According to the FNM, the alleged PLP victimisation has already started and is in full swing on that island.

The FNM alleged that a number of their known supporters in that constituency were fired from the 52-week Job Readiness Training Programme, simply because they were FNM.

“The FNM should hardly talk,” he added. “I just won an election on the basis that people were victimised by them. They thought this was an appropriate time to judge me and they thought it was a catchy tune for their campaign and victimisation was the one they chose. But we are up to it now we ran a different campaign.”

Furthermore, according to the prime minister, victimisation is just not his style.

“I just don’t believe in victimisation,” he said. “I just don’t believe in it personally.”

“Now they might say I wash my hands of it and let other people do it, but they have to say that about me, they say everything about me.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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