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PM Insists On BPL Probe

The Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis hit  back at his political adversary Opposition Leader Philip Davis, following Mr. Davis’ claims that  the Prime Minister  is dodging questions about an  investigation into Bahamas Power and Light (BPL),  hopes everyone will just forget about it and move on.

He said, “I made a commitment that we will investigate the manner right and we will investigate the manner.”

Dr. Minnis was also asked to give an update on the investigation that was to be launched into BPL, to which he did not give a clear response.

“As soon as everything commences and is completed you will know. I would not keep any information from you. 

“I  have said before that first and foremost, I am a doctor.  A doctor tells you the truth, that is our training. We are trained to listen,  after which we analyze and we come up with a diagnosis. 

“The diagnosis may be bad,  but we still must tell you that whether good news or bad news, we still must tell you that. I am a doctor,” the Prime Minister  said.  

Back in September,  Dr. Minnis said that he would do a proper investigation into Bahamas Power and Light and that the term and references would have been presented to the board.

He  promised to investigate the matters that unfolded among some former members of  the BPL board and Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister.

Back in August,  Dr. Minnis said he met with some past BPL board members and informed them that in light of what was transpiring,  the government will initiate a proper investigation, and when complete, it will be made available to the public.

He made the announcement after three former BPL board members resigned and the remaining three were removed.

That board consisted of former Chairperson Darnell Osborne, Nick Dean; Nicola Thompson; Patrick Rollins; Ferron Bethel; and BPL CEO Whitney Heastie.

The Works Minister said that relationships within the board had broken down and the board locked horns on almost every issue.

Ms. Osborne, Mr. Dean and Mr. Thompson have refuted Mr. Bannister’s claims and said that political interference and disrespect toward the executive chairperson were at the root of the former board’s dysfunction.

Mr. Bannister later admitted there was political interference, but claimed it was after he learned BPL paid for a makeup bill and a home security system for the chairperson.  She  has since  denied this.


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