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Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis this past  weekend fought off claims from the Opposition that his frequent trips to the Family Islands is campaigning on the public’s purse. 

Dr. Minnis told reporters his visits to the Family Islands are in keeping with a campaign promise.

He said, “when we came in, I made a solemn commitment to the Bahamian populace that when there are national events, or any matters  that  are   of concern to The Bahamas; we are not Nassau-centric.”

“It’s  essential that the Family Islands know too, and I will go through the various  islands explaining those particular national issues;  how we came to those decisions, how we spend their money, etc.”, he added. 

Adding to his case, the Prime Minister reasoned that many think when he speaks in the capital, all the family islands are tuned in, but that that is not the case.

He said, “when you go there, you’d  be surprised that they don’t have the proper communication. You’d be surprised that Cable Bahamas is not shown in that particular area or settlement, or on that island or that they don’t have ZNS.”

He added, “so, going through, they are more than happy to welcome their Prime Minister who comes through and is showing an interest and explaining what is happening throughout The Bahamas.”

The Prime  Minister  also indicated that he will continue with these trips and added that the Opposition is simply not accustomed to doing such tasks. 

“Now when it comes to election, whenever we call election, we will see what campaigning’s all about.”, he said. 

Dr. Minnis’ comments came during a press briefing following his return to the capital Saturday  after  a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida.

The leaders of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, St Lucia and Jamaica were also invited. 

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