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Government On New Parole Act


As statics show that the uptake in crime is being committed by repeat offenders, the government is currently reviewing how best to manage individuals being given parole following their release from prison.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe recently told reporters that a new Paroling Act is expected to be tabled in Parliament.

“The concept is that, okay, you did wrong, we didn’t stop you.

“We couldn’t prevent you [from] committing a crime.; you committed a crime; you’ve gone through the process and then you sent up here (prison).

As Commissioner [Doan] Cleare keeps reminding us, about 98 percent of the people up there are going to be released.”

Minister Munroe continued, “The issue is what will be that condition? The other aspect of it that a lot of behaviors don’t realize is right now when you come up here for most offenses, if you get 12 months you only serve eight months because you get four months back for good behavior and you only serve any of that If you misbehave in here.

“What the parole act will do, it will eliminate time off for good behavior.

“So, let’s say you come out at month eight, you go out, on the very next day you commit an offense. You never served the four months that you were given off,” Minister Munroe said.

At least 96 percent of inmates at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services will be released from prison. This new legislation will monitor how the individuals reacclimate themselves back into society, holding them accountable for the actions outside the prison walls.

The National Security Minister said with the new Parole Act those convicted will complete all of their sentence. If sentenced for the first eight months will be done in the Correctional Facility, and the other four in the community.

As for the status of the amendment, the draft for this new legislation is currently before the Law Reform at the Office of the Attorney, from there it’ll be tabled in Parliament for approval then released for consultation.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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