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PM Confused On Firings, Says Davis.

The Leader of the Official Opposition Philip Davis says that Prime Minister Minnis was confused in his firing of  Members of his party for voting against the increase of Value Added Tax in the House of Assembly.
In a press statement  Mr. Davis  said, “The Prime Minister was confused in the House  by calling the vote, one on which the whip was on, and threatening to fire anyone who dared not to vote for it.  After having so declared that, he later contradicted himself in his own statement to the House when he said the budget actions of his government were something which moved his (the Prime Minister’s) conscience.  

“It is clear that while he saw it as matter of conscience, he could not countenance the conscience of others. Only he is allowed to have a conscience.

“So one short year later,  four people have been dismissed from their executive positions in the government because they dared to speak their minds and exercise their own deliberate judgments and free consciences. More importantly, each consulted his constituents and reflected the wishes of their constituents in their vote in the House. This gives the lie to the assertion that the Free National Movement gives one wit about freedom of speech and about transparency and accountability.  It is: “do as I say do or out you go”, said Mr. Davis.

He said, “The PLP welcomes the vote by these men of conscience.  We think it is particularly egregious and galling that the man who the Prime Minister used to lure the youth to his side by electing a person in his early twenties to the House in one Travis Robinson has now had his political career lopped off for acting according to his conscience. The Prime Minister is now exposed for what he is: a political hypocrite,” said the PLP leader.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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