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PM Calls for Unity

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said this year’s independence theme inspires Bahamians to recognize the value of unity and a shared purpose as the country continues to foster the common good.

Dr. Minnis’ remarks came during his inaugural independence address as prime minister.

The theme for the country’s 44th independence, “Toward the Rising Sun: One God, One People, One Bahamas,” encourages Bahamians to “lift up” their heads and continue the journey that began at independence, Dr. Minnis said.

“It is a theme meant to inspire us to move steadily sunward under the guidance of God,” he added.

“Our country is blessed in so many ways.  We thank Almighty God that the basic tenets of our democratic conditions have been maintained.  Since 1973, we have remained a peaceful and stable country where progress has been measured in social and economic advancement.

“Though we are a people of diverse backgrounds, there is a common thread that runs through the Bahamian tapestry – our threads from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the Americas.

“For decades we have welcomed people from many countries who have embraced the distinctive ethos that gives life and energy to the Bahamian spirit.

“Our independence celebrations from San Salvador to Ragged Island, from Eleuthera to Andros, and throughout The Bahamas are wonderful occasions to renew our spirit and to display our national pride.”

Also during her independence address, Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling called on all Bahamians to adopt this year’s independence theme by “recognizing the fundamental objectives to enhance a free and independent nation.”

Dame Marguerite said the theme is a clarion call to preserve the meaning of being a free and sovereign people.

“This is also a call from which no citizen is exempt,” she said.

“Celebrating our 44th anniversary is therefore an appropriate time for us to weigh our commitment to what it means to be a citizen in an independent Bahamas.

“For it is only through individual action that we should be able to make proper and positive contributions to our nation.

“This anniversary also provides an opportunity to recall with pride our fellow citizens who have made and are continuing to make valuable contributions to our nation; particularly in the fields of education, sports industry and commerce, the public service, civic and social development and outreach.

“These stellar achievements promote the good name and reputation of our commonwealth and while worthy of praise, they are also patters for all of us to emulate.

“Most importantly however, further successes will only be achieved in a determined spirit of unity and objectivity underpinned by a committed faith in Almighty God, through whose generosity and empowerment we exist and through which we are able to continue the bold work of nation building.”

Dame Marguerite further admonished Bahamians to hold on to the historical values which have always made Bahamian communities unique.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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