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PM Apologizes For Obscene Gesture

Prime Minister Christie 1

Prime Minister Christie 1

Prime Minister Perry Christie apologized and expressed regret yesterday in the House of Assembly for that obscene “flip of the finger” gesture that took place at a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) outdoor branch meeting Monday Night.

“I really stand to express my regret. I just want to be able to say that I take responsibility and I indicate that there was never any intention to speak to any other person or issue but those who were attacking me or my family,” he said.

“I would hope that those who may have been offended by it who are present would accept that, that is a matter that I would not have wished that I did.”

Much to the shock and to some degree entertainment of PLP supporters, Mr. Christie “flipped the bird” in response to a person he deemed a lunatic after being told to deny the fact he owned a condominium in the Cable Beach area near his home.

However, Mr. Christie says out of an obligation to his family, the office he holds, the country he leads and even the future generation, he felt he needed to make amends.

“So when I ask myself Mr. Speaker a proper reflection if I had the opportunity to speak in that place at that time on that occasion for the reasons I was speaking would I do that again the answer is no,” he said.

The prime minister acknowledged that in no way does he wish to see significant numbers of young people who have been emboldened by what he has done to believe that the action was a depiction of who he really is.

As he says after all, a critical aspect of life is knowing when to own up to what it is you have done wrong.

“Mr. Speaker it is important because there are so many young people who are discouraged from entering political life because of the vitriolic assaults on their characters and their personalities.”

Following the action printed on a local daily the following day many persons including Free National Movement (FNM) Dr. Hubert Minnis and members of the Democracy National Alliance called for his resignation.

Meanwhile, well known religious leader Bishop Simeon Hall rather asked for Mr. Christie to issue an apology as he felt the action was extremely disappointing and unbecoming of a leader.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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