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PLPs Told to ‘Leap Forward’

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Calling for Bahamians to “leap forward” with the Progressive Liberal Party, unopposed Deputy Leader Chester Cooper promised that the PLP will invest $250 million over five years to broaden access to capital for Bahamian small to medium size businesses.

“We can leap forward and embark on a mission of economic empowerment of our people. Fostering an environment where we own our Bahamas and where we create hundreds of new millionaires,” Cooper said during his keynote address at the PLP’s 54th General Convention on Thursday.

“We can take a leap and make the cost of doing business more affordable, less onerous, and the cost of living more bearable.  Leap forward with the PLP if you want to make the wealth of the commonwealth much more common.”

The PLP deputy leader made additional promises to Bahamians that he believes would enhance The Bahamas if the party forms the next government after the 2022 general election.

“Leap forward with the PLP to uncouple our Family Islands from BPL and get them on the course for affordable energy,” Cooper said.

“We can transform our GDP and our economy.  We can build environmentally friendly cities on our Family Islands.  The potential is limitless.

“But you have to have the vision and the courage to move in leaps and bounds.  The PLP wants to invest in renewable energy and break away from fossil fuel consumption. We will set a policy, achievable goals for the percentage of solar and other renewables on our grid by 2030, 40 and 50.”

Cooper added that the PLP will leap forward with a major investment in renewable energy and other new industries that can be driven by Bahamians, for Bahamians.

“The PLP is ready to leap forward with a major investment in our country’s healthcare plant.

We want hospital hubs in our southern and northern Bahamas. We want to have serious conversations about how we transform this nation,” Cooper said.

“The PLP entered into the agreement for the unified bus system pilot project.  We need to take a leap forward on this issue of public transportation that’s hindering the efficient development of New Providence.

“The PLP is committed to having a conversation about national youth service for young people leaving school without any definitive plans.

“We won’t have a Bahamas to leave our children to if young men lack discipline and resolve their differences with guns and knives.  We have to take a look at leaping on this issue.”

The PLP deputy leader also suggested that the party take a look at reforming the way the campaign finance system works in The Bahamas.

“We can’t continue to have elections that go to the highest bidder, when we don’t even know who the highest bidder is,” Cooper said.

“There should only be one backer the political parties owe a debt to, and that’s the Bahamian people.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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