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PLP Wants Minnis to Give Hurricane Warning

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell is calling on the prime minister to address the nation on what should be done to adequately prepare for Hurricane Dorian.

According to Mitchell, PLP supporters have called in to complain that no one from the government has distributed sufficient notices about the Hurricane. 

“It appears that what people are requiring is a specific set of instructions about what the government expects in terms of the track of the hurricane and what preparations ought to be made for hurricane preparedness,” he said.  

“The fact is and I had this experience before when Andrew came in 1992, there was a new prime minister at the time and they were just caught unaware by the fact that this storm was coming.

“I said to then Prime Minister Ingraham, who was up in Grand Bahama, that the country really requires the person who is the head of the government to say look this is a serious storm and we need to take this seriously, that’s the psychology of our country.”  

PLP supporters, he said, are saying the absence of information has left them on their own. 

“They’re left to their own devices, which is to rely on the Weather Channel and all the other channels that people have on, whether the hurricane is coming or not, coming so on and so forth,” the PLP chairman said.

“The only official thing that I have seen so far is that Bahamasair is not changing their schedule because there is nothing that they see to cause them to change their schedule.

“They said that they will continue to monitor the situation come Saturday, but as for Thursday and Friday everything remains the same. But the government itself has not said anything.”    

The PLP chairman is calling on a political figure to address the public on the hurricane.

His comments came after a National Emergency Management Agency press conference yesterday where NEMA officials advised the public to prepare for the hurricane. 

Dorian is expected to make landfall in The Bahamas on Saturday. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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