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Senator Jobeth Coleby-Davis yesterday slammed the proposed amendment to the Immigration Act in the Senate, labelling it as a stripping away of the Bahamianization policy. 

She said, “we can agree that foreign investors in some ways form part of the Bahamian history. For many years you will hear the names of those who have brought much to The Bahamas, and made an impression.

“I will not stand here today and insult the contributions of the foreign investors that has helped to build this country. However, I question whether there was a need for this Commercial Enterprise Act or the said amendments to the Immigration Bill. “, she said. 

Senator Coleby-Davis said, “The Bahamas Investment Authority, if given the power and resources could efficiently and effectively manage this process for the country, and if there are apparent inefficiencies in the work permit process at the Immigration level; then let us fix it.”

Educating people and investing in their growth, she added, is what the new Bahamas should be doing. 

The PLP senator admonished the government to rethink the amendment and try to tighten what is allowed or remove some professions from the list to avoid any further dishonest entry and influx of foreign workers placing a greater disadvantage on Bahamians. 

Attorney General Senator Carl repeatedly stressed yesterday that the temporary visa to be granted to foreigners coming to The Bahamas is only for the purpose for making income generating decisions of their IBC’s or investment funds. 

During his contribution on the Senate, he said, “we are taking decisions to save Bahamian jobs, to save the Bahamian Financial Services Sector.

“The truth of the matter is that without a major shift in the practical administration of Immigration policies, without a major list of restrictive practices in relation to the core income generating activities, and strategic decision making of these IBC’s; we will lose hundreds, if not thousands of jobs in the Financial Sector, and it is the loss such jobs; middle class jobs, upper-middle-class jobs and jobs for the ‘not quite poor’.”

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