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PLP Ministers Blast Church Leaders –‘Religious Leaders accused of having non-Christian desires’

Members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) minced no words as they slammed religious leaders who publically opposed the Gaming Bill, Member of Parliament for Bain and Grants Town Dr. Bernard Nottage accused church leaders of launching a political campaign against the PLP and taking a non-Christian approach to the issue.

These comments from Dr. Nottage came only a day after the Free National Movement (FNM) accused the Christie administration of launching an all-out war on the church.

“Now this branding of the PLP and its leaders have been transferred into the mouths of clergy members who I have a great deal of respect for, I speak particularly of those who have announced that they have virtually started a political campaign against members on this side if we vote for the gaming bill,” he said.

“Can you imagine clergymen, and they’re telling people that they won’t vote for anyone over here who votes for the Gaming Bill. Firstly they have horrendously accused us of killing democracy in The Bahamas and then they express the unchristian desire that every person who votes in favour of the Gaming Bill to lose their seats and be replaced by men and women who first and foremost fear God and willing to represent the people of the nation, so they’re telling us that we don’t fear God, can you imagine that?”

Dr. Nottage was not the first to challenge the church community; in fact the FNM released its statement on Sunday in response to Deputy Prime Minister Phillip Davis who went as far to accuse some church leaders of being gamblers themselves.

Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald also challenged the church to prove that gambling is in fact a sin, he added the arguments levied against the legalisation of the web shop industry simply do not hold any weight.

“There are those in our population who think it may be morally wrong or a cardinal sin, some may think that but the majority see nothing morally wrong with gaming, it does not even fit within the cardinal sin as we call it the deadly sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony so I think for the most part on the religious ground we are safe moving ahead with the Gaming Bill,” he said.

On the other hand, the FNM did not miss out on that wave of criticism from the PLP.

Mr. Fitzgerald also blasted the FNM for their opposition to the bill, he said that it was the FNM who allowed the web shop industry to flourish without taxing or regulating it.

He further said that there may be members in parliament who simply do not want to see young black Bahamians gain success.

However, Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis disagreed entirely with Mr. Fitzgerald’s arguments.

“The leader of the opposition has no opposition to wealth being spread among Bahamians, absolutely none, I myself from poverty and I can say yes today, I’m probably on the borderline of wealth, “ he said.

“What my concern is, you’re placing everything in the hands of one or two individuals or three who can potentially direct the electorate process moving forward and therefore the democratic process that we see can be jeopardized, that’s my concern.”

Overall, Mr. Fitzgerald said that for far too long successive governments have turned a blind eye to the industry and the time has come to regulate what the government is prepared to manage and regulate.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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