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PLP Deepens Democracy

A special Convention of The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has adopted a report from a committee appointed to amend the party’s constitution.
A resolution to thank the Constitutional Committee for its work and to adopt the report was passed without dissent in a special parley held on Saturday at the Holy Trinity Centre, Stapledon Gardens.

Now the leader of the party in consultation with the Leadership Council are directed to review and finalize the draft constitution, taking into account all views and the amendments raised in the Convention for discussion and consideration by the National General Council of the party and for tabling at the next general Convention to be ratified.

Addressing his party’s one day constitutional convention was Party leader Philip Davis, who stressed the need for a stronger and more transparent party.

He said, “It is essential that we are on the cutting edge of reform. It is essential that we infuse our party with new young talent that will propel our nation forward into the future.

“It is essential that we continue to ensure that the mechanisms, procedures and the way we do business as the Progressive Liberal Party are current, relevant, transparent, alive and appealing,” said Mr. Davis.

The convention aimed at addressing areas of concern like the party’s objectives, enforcement in governance, membership structure, organizational structure, and operations.

While Mr. Davis admitted that change is necessary, he also said that no Constitution is written in stone.

He added, “It is a living document and it may be necessary as time and events unfold that it will be necessary to come back to it for further revisions.”

After a long day of discussions, the party’s Constitutional Committee Chairman Raynard Rigby said that they have expanded the party base.

He also said that provisions have been made to make the party larger and more enjoyable for members.

He added, “We have democratized the party in the sense that there’s a balance in our party with respect to those voted in constituencies and other bodies within the organization.”

Mr. Rigby also added that a structured seat has been created to ensure that younger people have a more active role in the party.

Among the more groundbreaking implementations was the Code of Conduct, which Mr. Rigby said is a first for any political party in The Bahamas.

He said, “It deals with and addresses how party members should deal with each other, members of the public, finance reform, issues of how a Cabinet minister ought to conduct the business and affairs of his portfolio in relation to donations and fundraising activities in these constituencies.”

He added that the Code of Conduct is to ensure the accountability, transparency, and honesty in the public profile of party members.

Next, he said that the party plans to be more visible and active in every constituency across the nation.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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