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PLP Chairman Calls for WSC Director’s Resignation

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday called for the resignation of Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Director Bennet Minnis after an audio recording spewing defamatory comments towards members of the party made its rounds on social media. 

In his statement, Mr. Mitchell identified Mr. Minnis as the speaker in the viral voice note, and labeled him as a “man with a filthy mouth and a nasty mind.”

He said, “That’s all fine if he is not a public official. Since he is, he must learn to control his filthy mouth before someone washes it out with soap and water for him.”

In the voice note, Mr. Minnis called Opposition Leader Philip Davis a “monkey”, and directed homophobic slurs toward the party’s chairman.

Mr. Mitchell explained that his party took a delegation to Long Island on the day after independence to meet with its supporters and to pay tribute to the party’s founder.

Also in the voice note, Mr. Minnis can be heard saying, “Had I known they [the PLP] was going to be up there, a group of us was going, and we was going to put a blockade on the entrance to Clarence Town.”

The voice note also said, “The PLP is one corrupt, ‘thieving’, no good, bastard, homosexual, African monkeys. Nobody like yall!”  

Mr. Mitchell said, “The FNM must say whether they agree that black people are monkeys as described in the voice note. That comment is racist and cannot be defended. There are other defamatory comments made therein and Mr. Minnis has stepped over the line. He is obviously a very sick individual.

“The notes will be provided to the minister for works and he must say whether or not it is appropriate for this public official to continue in office, given this abusive language.”

When contacted for comment, Mr. Minnis said, “Go to hell.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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