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PLP Celebrates Anniversary

The Progressive Liberal Party yesterday celebrated its 64th anniversary.

The party took the time to salute both its founders and leaders while reflecting on its accomplishments and the road ahead to the 2022 general election.


The PLP while in government has been credited with building tourism into a multi-billion dollar industry, establishing the Central Bank of The Bahamas, the University of the Bahamas, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, the National Insurance Board; Urban Renewal; BAMSI and National Health Insurance.


The party paid tribute to the late Sir Henry Milton Taylor; the late Cyril St. John Stevenson and the late William W. Cartwright.


“We remember our past leader and the father of the nation Sir Lynden O. Pindling. We remember our former leader Perry Christie. We remember all the countless men and women who struggled to bring us through,” Senator Fred Mitchell, party chairman, said.


He added that as the party undergoes internal constitutional reform, its work for Bahamians continues.


“There is no job security in the public sector as job training has given way to this unconstitutional and baneful practice of victor’s justice and mass terminations driven purely by the exercise of one’s constitutionally guaranteed right of association. Economic empowerment, crime, energy reform, environmental protection, food security and immigration reform remain the priorities in the next PLP,” Mr. Mitchell said.


The PLP now in opposition also stands firm in its belief that the commercial enterprise bill threatens to undermine the Bahamianisation policy and that NHI is being gutted.


“The struggle continues. Let us remember our history and seek to build upon it. We are about creating the best little nation on earth. We congratulate all PLPs who are still apart of the struggle. We made it these 64 years but we have miles to go before we sleep,” Senator Mitchell said.


He added that they are committed to fight for the poor, the weak, the displaced, the voiceless and the sovereign rights of all Bahamians.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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