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The Free National Movement (FNM) has accused the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party of politicizing Labour day.  Saying  that the PLP was reckless in doing so, the  governing party in a statement yesterday  said that the PLP is out of touch with the people of The Bahamas.

“From day one, the Minnis Administration has worked to move The Bahamas forward, reforming dark-age policies left behind by the callously neglectful PLP, while working to make government more efficient and effective for the people. From improving the quality and access to education, securing historic growth and negotiating contracts that will lead to even more jobs; to revamping infrastructure and reducing crime, this government is moving our Nation forward.

“That said, the woeful PLP does everything within their power to keep our country from moving past the archaic policies that turned a blind eye to their obvious corruption and allowed those in power to leverage government to benefit themselves at the people’s expense.

“The woeful PLP’s Labour Day fiasco is yet another blatant example reminding Bahamians how out of touch they are with them as well as the new expectations of leaders in this country when it comes to the environment and transparency.  The criticism our friends on the other side received from a local environmental group is warranted; and while it is a shame, it is no surprise that the PLP would fail to realize the growing expectations for environmental responsibility as they remain out of touch.

“While their neglect of the environment is unfortunate, what’s more of a surprise is the PLP’s absolute refusal to abstain from campaigning on Labour Day, which as we’ve discussed previously, was a request by Sir Randol’s wife and appears to be honoured by all except the reckless PLP that perpetually demonstrate a lack of concern for anything or anyone outside their pursuit for power. If the PLP understood that governing was about the people and not about themselves, they would simply make other decisions.

“The FNM is hopeful that the opposition party will exhibit more respect in the future; both to the environment and to our country’s timeless traditions. Regardless, the FNM will continue leading by example and will abstain from politics on Labour Day, because Bahamians deserve a government that respects and works for them, not the political elite,” said the FNM statement.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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