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Phenton Neymour laid to rest

Hundreds gathered yesterday in Christ Church Cathedral  to pay tribute to the late Phenton Neymour who was described as a formidable politician.

Many  tributes dominated the official funeral attended by Cabinet Ministers and  politicians from all political parties.

In a recorded message, his wife Cutelle gave a moving humor-tinted tribute where she reflected on the eight and a half years of what she felt was the deepest love, happiest marriage and true partnership she had,  with her confidant, biggest supporter , cross  and  her everything.

“We were soul mates, we loved, we laughed and we lived. We did everything together. Despite the challenges we experienced,  we never lost sight of this. 

“Our lives weren’t perfect,  but we perfected what we had by putting our trust in God. We relied on God for our strength and guidance.

“There are times when I wanted to give up,  but as we said,  we would conquer the world and that we did. Our entire relationship was unforgettable,” she said.   

The  widow said she will always remember  Phenton’s heated debates and strategic thoughts on  politics, love for his fraternity, country and his proudest achievement- his children.

She said, “providing for them was the top priority. It reminded me of my father, always wanting  the  best for me,  making any and all sacrifices. Phenton, I will miss your touch, especially the way you rubbed your face on your nose.

“I will miss the delicious meals you prepared like your crab soups, stew fish, smoke turkey, grilled food, macaroni homemade bread,  just to name a few.” 

“I will miss our arguments, two strong headed Virgos going at it, but making up was the best part. I will miss you spoiling me,  even though you blamed daddy for it,” said Mrs. Neymour.   

Admitting to overcoming with emotion, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, and said Phenton’s death felt like the replay of a bad dream.

This, as just six years ago this same month, he stood to pay tribute to former parliamentarian Charles Maynard, who died suddenly in North Abaco in the run-up to the 2012 bye-election.

“Phenton, he said, “ made a lasting contribution to his family, his community and the nation.” Many men, he pointed out,  live longer lives, but achieve far less.

“No matter the number of times we are called on to lay a young person to eternal rest. We continue to believe that there is  to be a difference in the approach of death to the young as opposed to the old. 

“We continue to expect that death stands before the old man’s face,  but behind the young man’s back. 

“Today we are reminded that death strikes at will from the front or the back,  just as near to the young as it is to the old.  As the hymn advises,  father along we’ll understand why,” he said.

Mr. Ingraham  said   he especially liked Phenton for his forthrightness, decency, loyalty, honesty and mental acumen;  a man of conviction, who was also bright, confident, articulate and dynamic; someone upon whom he could depend and rely.

“He was a distinctive voice in tone and content. He commanded my attention and that of his colleagues. 

“Those of you who would engage in a debate with Phenton  would remember, he didn’t easily yield a point and that deep baritone voice and sharp intellectual whit made him to appear all the more formidable, Mr. Ingraham said.  

The congregation also heard how sadly at the end of Mr. Neymour’s  political career, the noted engineer could not find full time employment.

 Mr. Ingraham described  this  as the unkindest cut of all.  Yet his  faith and  confidence in the face of so many odds, he said,  was  most inspiring.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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