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Palacious’ Apology On Women’s Attire Rejected

Deputy Director of The Crisis centre, Donna Nichols says she is not accepting the apology from Archdeacon James Palacious after his controversial comments on the attire of women and its link to rape.

In a statement released yesterday, Mrs. Nicholls said once again the misogyny of James Palacious has revealed itself in his victim blaming comments regarding sexual assault.

“Maya Angelo says it clearly: ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them’. The last time his misogyny oozed out was over the suggestion that women should be neutered. And now, we must dress according to the “Palacious dress code”. Perhaps this is a creative opportunity for him to design an anti-rape and anti-groping line of clothing.

“Palacious has an offensive track record of issuing apologies after making misogynistic comments. And his comments are particularly damaging, because so many people hold him in high regard. It suggests that he should better inform himself about important issues of women’s rights, gender equality and sexual violence before speaking publically. Those support systems exist and are well known to him.

“This goes to position of blaming women for the sexual harassment and physical abuse they endure only empowers perpetrators. It excuses and validates their behaviour with a wink and a nod. It says, don’t worry; it’s not your fault; you won’t be held accountable. You are acting how any man would. She should not have dressed like that. She should not have asked for it.

“Palacious’ comments were victim blaming and no amount of damage control can undo the clear signals they sent as a green light to perpetrators. His apologies are often successful in preserving his good standing in the public’s eye, but all of that grooming does nothing to reign in the behaviour of perpetrators or protect women,” Mrs. Nicholls said.

In comments published last month, Father Palacious defended the police force’s decision to exhort people how to dress to ward off unwanted attention, but also emphasized that women have a right to dress how they please without being subjected to such attention or groping.

Following criticism of his comments, Father Palacious released a statement to apologize for what was perceived as enforcing rape culture stereotypes.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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