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Opposition Forces Ban To Defeat The PLP

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney announced four new candidates two of which were former candidates of the United Democratic Party(UDP) all in an effort to defeat the Progressive Liberal Party come the 2017 General Elections.

Just under a week following the resignation of UDP Leader Greg Moss, Mr. McCartney says the new additions are welcomed wholeheartedly to accomplish a common goal that is unity to successfully remove the current government.

Mr. McCartney told supporters, “Where we are today is not good.”

“We all know the PLP has been a disaster. The DNA is here to provide an alternative to what you had. We are here to make this country better for all.”

Joining the DNA’s team are Bishop Margo Burrows as standard bearer for St. Annes and former College of The Bahamas(COB) President Dr. Leon Hills for Mt. Moriah.

Both candidates are former members of the UDP.

Bishop Burrows said her decision to align with the DNA is because it is a democratic party and The Bahamas is a democratic nation.

She said no matter how long it may take for the Bahamian people to get it right, they will.

“Whether we took a long time to form where we are now that is our right ,” she said.

“The people have a right to decide late comers or early comers and this time around I think they will side with the late comers.”


Meanwhile, Dr. Hills said he has chosen DNA in hopes of bringing a significant change to the education sector.

The remaining candidates are Cindy Coakley Knowles for Fort Charlotte, Randy Butler for South Beach and Mario “Duckie” Lockhart for Nassau Village, the seat formerly occupied by attorney Wallace Rolle.

Mr. Lockhart , a former driver for the sitting Member of Parliament for Nassau Village, told supporters he was the best choice because he has literally sat in the driver’s seat and seen the corruption first hand.

“When you hear persons say this and that about what this government is really doing to the country,” he said.

“I’m an individual who sat in the front seat so I know for a fact. I haven’t been told or heard this is what I’ve seen with my own eyes and ears I guarantee you the entire Bahamas and especially the constituency of Nassau Village. They do not care.”

The new additions were presented during a press conference at the DNA Headquarters East Street South last Friday.

DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer said the party’s last slate of candidates should be announced sometime this week.



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