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Nurse Recruitment Underway Says PHA Managing Director

By: Keile Campbell
The government has well acknowledged the on-going issue of nurses in the
country migrating to other countries for better opportunities; however, Public
Hospitals Authority (PHA) Managing Director Dr. Aubynette Rolle revealed that
recruitment is currently ongoing.
Dr, Rolle spoke on the sidelines of a luncheon in celebration and appreciation of
nurses in the country hosted by Bahamas Harvest Church. She provided an update
concerning the nurse shortage.
“We’re now recruiting; we’re expecting some Ghanian nurses in the next few days,
also some nurses from the Philippines. As recent as last night (Tuesday), India also
reached out to me as well, and so we’re gonna use some of our recruiting
companies to see whether we can get some of those persons within the country.
“Also know that we’ve started the training clinical class last week and that’ll be 18
months and then in nine months we start another class again,” Dr. Rolle said.
The managing director further revealed efforts into investigation, research and
analysis into the reason behind nurses leaving The Bahamas’ healthcare system
and looking into how retainment of nurses may improve.
“We’ve done incentives and trying to improve the infrastructure, also salaries, also
just talking with the nurses on the retention side of things” the PHA managing
director said
She added: “we’re also doing research so we can really hear from the nurses
what’s going on, especially the newer nurses, so we’re looking at things to
facilitate as well as the barriers to the retention of nurses in the commonwealth”.
When asked, if there may be concerns about cultural and social differences when
bringing in nurses from other countries, while Dr. Rolle acknowledged that
possibility, she explained the process in which that concern is minimized.
“Diversity plays a role because cultural norms may differ and as you move country
to country. However, we have a process in terms of one; first validating and
verifying their credentials. But also they have a very strong English language.
“So, we’ll go through the normal process of verification, also looking at the gaps

and if there’s anything they need to make up, definitely the nursing council would
advise before they’re given a license to practice within The Bahamas,” Dr. Rolle

Written by Jones Bahamas

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