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NPO Bill Passed in Senate

The contentious Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) Amendment Bill was a part of the compendium of bills passed in the Senate on Monday.

The bills are aimed at helping The Bahamas meet the requirements to exit the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force.

Leading off the government’s contribution, Attorney General Senator Carl Bethel said the Non-Profit Organizations Amendment Bill seeks to clear the misconception that the government is going after the collection plate.

“Nothing is further from the truth. The government is not interested in the collection plate at all,” Bethel said.  

“All that we want to know is that the collection plate is being counted for and we don’t want to know how, that is for the members.

“Organizations that have annual general meetings that approve or reject financial statements or records of their organization are carved out. 

“We are not interested in the details of the church’s accounts. We’re not interested in anything to do with that.”     

The opposition has made it known that it supports the compendium of bills.

Senator Clay Sweeting reminded that the initial bill didn’t get the PLP’s approval because the government failed to consult religious and civil society organizations before passing.

“This is what happens when the proper parties are not consulted before enacting legislation. The legislation ends up being shelved, only to be brought back to this place a second time in six months,” Sweeting said.

“However, I am glad the government had the fortitude to meet with the necessary parties to at least come to some kind of common ground before enacting this bill.”     

Among the bills passed are the Anti-terrorism Amendment Bill, the International Obligation Economic and Ancillary Measures Bill, the Investment Funds Bill and the Registered Beneficial Ownership Bill.

The compendium of financial bills was also passed in the House of Assembly last week. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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