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No School Repairs Shock Exuma MP


After touring schools in his constituency, Exuma and Ragged Island Member of Parliament Chester Cooper said he is “shocked and dismayed” that school repairs have yet to begin.

This past weekend, Cooper toured public schools in Exuma to determine their readiness for the upcoming school year, but he believes they are being neglected.

“I visited the schools at Black Point, Mount Thompson, The Forest and L.N. Coakley High School, all of which are desperately in need of repairs that have not started,” Cooper said.

“I have confirmed with several contractors that though they have signed contracts, the government has not sent mobilization money or any funding for the work.”

Last week, Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd toured several public schools in New Providence that are undergoing repairs and promised that the schools would be ready for the upcoming school year. 

However, Cooper said it is “ridiculous” that the government has yet to disburse the needed funds for school repairs after announcing that schools would be ready.

“I have brought the situation to the attention of the minister of education and the minister works.  The minister of education promises he will look into it,” Cooper said.

“It is ridiculous that Exuma and her people are once again being neglected.

“Exumians pay taxes like everyone else in this Bahamas. What is the point of those taxes being paid to the public treasury are not used to maintain public buildings and further the public good?

“School opens on the same schedule every year. This level of neglect is alarming.”

Cooper urged the government to deal with the situation speedily so that students, teachers and staff can have a productive school year.

“Also, I would note that there is still no provision for a temporary school on Ragged Island despite there being a suitable building on the island,” he added.

“Ragged Islanders could have had school in September, had the government cared.
Instead, Ragged Island children will once again be sent away from their parents.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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