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“No Comfort In FNM Fighting,” Says Roberts

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts has warned party officials not to get distracted from the Free National Movement’s current infighting over the embattled party’s leadership.

Mr. Roberts, who spoke to the Elizabeth Constituency monthly meeting Thursday evening, said with all the “bloodletting” over the FNM’s leadership race the end result will only be a fractured party.

Long Island MP Loretta Butler Turner along with her running mate Dr. Duane Sands is looking to overthrow Dr. Hubert Minnis and his deputy leader Peter Turnquest.

Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly Neko Grant has thrown his support behind the Butler-Turner/Sands duo calling Dr. Minnis “unprepared”.

Meanwhile, FNM MP Edison Key has called Mrs. Butler-Turner a “troublemaker”.

But even with all of the infighting, Mr. Roberts admonished PLPs not to be distracted.

“I again admonish you as PLP’s not to be distracted by or to take any degree of comfort in the current internal leadership struggles within the FNM,” Mr. Roberts said.

“History has taught us from local and regional political developments that such challenges have not hurt a party’s chances of either retaining or capturing the government in a general election.

“The Labour Party was seen as a fractured organization with ties to the local Jamaican mob that led to the resignation of its leader but won the 2016 general election. The infamous “night of the long knives” and the epic, highly emotive and fractious 1997 leadership fight in the PLP did not hurt the party’s chances of winning the election in 2002. Those were arguably the two most traumatic internal events to take place in the PLP, but in the end those events did not deny the PLP the opportunity and privilege to govern this great country of ours.

Mr. Roberts said PLPs must prepare meticulously and still a fight for the margins as an increasing number of Bahamians are not subscribing to any party philosophy.

“Swing voters typically vote against a governing party rather than for it or against an opposition party. The PLP must be organized, disciplined and on message. We must resist the temptation to get into a public war of words with the FNM but to speak directly to the needs of working Bahamian families and our youth,” he said.

During this meeting Mr. Roberts ratified Ryan Pinder to once again run in Elizabeth.

Mr. Pinder, who resigned from the Cabinet won the Elizabeth in twice – once in a bi-election and again in the 2012 general elections.

Meanwhile, the FNM convention is set for July 27-29.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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