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NHI Changes Insurance Industry

The Bahamas Insurance Association supports the government’s efforts of a sustainable Universal Health Coverage for The Bahamas, but according to Deputy Chairman Tina Cambridge, if the  Cabinet accepts the National Health Insurance Authority’s (NHIA)  proposal in full, this would result in significant shifts in   aspects of the industry. 

The most recent proposal by the authority would require significant changes to the business model of private health insurers including plan design, claims administration, billing and enrollment systems provider contracts, actuarial and pricing assumptions.

“The proposal also suggests that it would be possible for Private Health Insurers to achieve such a significant shift by start date July 1, 2020.” 

“The BIA submits that it would be very difficult to achieve implementation timeline given that the collaboration between NHIA and the insurance industry has not begun in earnest relative to this new proposal.”

Ms. Cambridge added that it seems very unlikely that stakeholders would be able to meet the 2020 NHI implementation date.

 “If the NHIA fails to get government approval, release the amended laws and regulations, fill benefits design for the Standard Health Benefit (SHB) and proposed catastrophic coverage as well as complete its negotiations with the healthcare providers including the Public Hospital Authority (PHA) and work out its requirements of PHIs all by April/May of 2019,  it is very unlikely that all stakeholders could be ready for July 2020.”

A major concern, she added,  is the level of contribution for the SHB. The Deputy Chairman said the BIA will continue to further analyze once the National Fee Schedule and complete Benefits detains have been completed by the NHIA.

The insurance industry is calling for meaningful and effective collaboration to ensure efficiency and improvement to the Public Healthcare System.  

Written by Jones Bahamas

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