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New Civil Aviation Regulations

Since the investigation into that Andros plane crash, The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) has been very busy reviewing their systems, according to BCAA Director General, Captain Charles Beneby.

“We realize that, that particular issue highlighted the need for a multi-pronged approach to resolving, eradicating what we have identified, and what has been in place for some time a practice of illegal operations where persons not duly authorized and qualified are engaged in the carriage of persons we believe for hire,” he said.

“These activities generally involve aircrafts licensed and registered in another state, operated by pilots licensed by another state,” he added.

In efforts to mitigate against future similar incidents, the BCAA has revised its website to provide a listing of authorized operators.

It is also amending the regulations, to require all foreign registered aircrafts based in The Bahamas to register with the authority.

Captain Beneby urged those Bahamians with foreign licenses to apply for Bahamian ones.

“We need to ensure that the pilots flying in our airspace and in our skies are properly trained and qualified to conduct the operations that they’re engaged in,” he said.

“So, we are revising our licensing process to take account for that, there will be new requirements for persons coming into the industry.

“And those persons that are already in the industry would be required at some point in time to demonstrate their competency in certain key areas of the regulations.”

The BCAA has also launched an air safety campaign that seeks not only to advise the flying public on what to look for before agreeing to use aircrafts for travel, but to also crackdown on unauthorized operators and those who insist on breaking the law by operating aircrafts that are not airworthy or aircrafts that they are not appropriately licensed to operate.

The Director General said because it is illegal to operate without the proper licenses and certifications, the BCAA is lobbying for stiffer penalties, greater fines, seizures of aircraft activity and imprisonment where allowed.

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