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MP Not Surprised With Post Office Delay

The plan to relocate the General Post Office to Town Centre Mall has been delayed once again to February, according to the Minister of Transport, Renward Wells.

However, the  former minister responsible for the Post Office during the recent Christie administration, Glenys Hanna-Martin,  said that this came as no surprise to her.

She added that the Minnis administration had no regard for the workers when they stopped the previous administration’s plan to give the General Post Office its own  home in the old Independence Shopping Plaza.

“The  point I’m making is that there was a plan, a considered one by people who were thinking, by people who preceded them. 

“They then came and stopped it. They came with some idea of Gladstone Road and wasted more than a year with nothing to show. Those people were left to languish in those conditions without any solution.

“Then they come back after a year with another idea, which is the Town Centre Mall.  The  Minister has been giving timelines which I suspected from day one was not realistic,  because it’s a fairly complex exercise to move from that one premises to the next.

“I am not surprised that he has not lost two timelines and he may lose a third, because he is continuing to put these bravado timelines on it,  which are not being realized,” she said.    

Minister Wells also said the cause for the delay was due to the government’s inability to move the post office boxes.  To that, Mrs. Hanna- Martin said that this should have been known. 

“Truthfully, he ought to have been aware that he couldn’t move the post boxes because you know, truthfully, the Post Office is mostly about the post boxes. 

“I would think that that is probably 60 to 70 per cent of the operations and if he was not aware that that could not happened,  then he was not properly briefed or he didn’t properly brief himself. 

“It’s  unfortunate. They ought to have allowed what they met in place to be completed and it would have been a win- win for the Bahamian people.” 

“Instead they’ve come with this huckle- up sort of prolonged process which took us all the way up in Gladstone Road and now back to Town Centre Mall,” she added.

Mrs. Hanna- Martin said it seems as though the Post Office will not be moving from its East Hill location anytime soon.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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