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MP Condemns PLP Infighting

After months of public contention between members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Member of Parliament for South Beach Cleola Hamilton is calling for the ‘political backstabbing’ to end; Ms. Hamilton revealed that she is convinced that there are members within the PLP who want to see the Christie administration crumble from within.

“What is the price for those of us who seek to carry out such obvious backstabbing method of politics, what is the price for trying to cause the prime minister to resign, what is the price for trying to disrupt the government, what is the price for trying to dismantle the party who took us in and embraced us,” she asked.

There has been much talk surrounding the stability of the PLP over the past few months as its internal conflicts and obvious power struggles continue to grip headlines.

In fact, two major issues which has been in the spotlight on numerous occasions is the constant bashing of the PLP by its very own Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins and the unresolved Letter of Intent (LOI) scandal with Parliamentary
Secretary in the Ministry of Works Renward Wells.

Providing an eye opener into what is really happening within the party, Ms. Hamilton urged those PLP members who seek to tear the party down to leave.

“If you desire to leave, do the honorable thing, guard up your testicular fortitude and leave, if this duplicity is worth more than fidelity then there is some justification.”

Ms. Hamilton emphasized that only time would tell why members within the party would try to break up the PLP government.
Ms. Hamilton’s comments came during day two of debate on a resolution for the government to borrow over $16 million for the College of The Bahamas’s transition to university status.

Much of the contention within the PLP stemmed from the outspoken Dr. Rollins who publically called into question the leadership of the party and threaten to expose political leaders tied to that unauthorized LOI if his party mate Mr. Wells is fried over the issue.

This prompted the PLP’s National Chairman Bradley Roberts to urged Rollins to refrain from using idle threats and to ‘put up or shut up.’

This year, Dr. Rollins has since been fired as Party Whip and most recently a seven person committee is currently reviewing a course of disciplinary action against Dr. Rollins.

As for the unauthorized LOI signing with Stellar Waste to Energy Company Limited, the prime minister and the man at the very center of the scandal, Mr. Wells remain fairly tight lipped over the issue.

Last month, the prime minister has recently urged Mr. Wells to speak up and speak truth on the issue, however Mr. Wells has not offered any official comment up to press time.

The opposition has repeatedly urged the prime minster to address the matter and criticized the government for allowing the issue to linger without an official statement from the prime minister.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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