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Moss: Gov’t Prevents No Vote From Entering Polling Stations

Advocate for the Vote No Campaign and former PLP member Paul Moss says that his group is seeking legal action against the government, which he claims is preventing persons from the Vote No campaign to enter polling stations.

“We intend to take this matter to court, we expect that we should be in court sometime this week to try and persuade a judge because this is just blatantly wrong to have parliament to suggest that only the PLP and FNM are permitted to enter the polling stations”

“We believe this to be discriminatory and it proves that people that aren’t in compliance with what they want are being disenfranchised,” Mr. Moss said.

Moss added that what should be a proud day in the Bahamian political process is mired by the obvious enforcement of governmental agendas.

“Today is a sad day in the sense that Bahamians are voting in this referendum don’t realize that it is being run by the different political parties as mandated by law, the FNM and PLP who have both agreed to a yes vote.

“There are no supporters of the No Campaign who are permitted inside the polling stations to observe what is going on at that station, this is most untenable, unacceptable,” Mr. Moss said

He added that this blatant interference goes contrary to the prospects of equality that has been branded over the past few months and that the process should have been more organized.

Moss also said that the government has spent an exorbitant amount of money in support of the YES Campaign and has yet to lend any financial support to the opposing side.

“There has been no fair play in this; we look at the Prime Minister who has taken millions of dollars to fund a YES campaign giving them cars, shirts, office buildings phone calls,” he said.

“Having campaigners walk around on the street, that’s taxpayer’s money that is being spent and at the same time he has not given a single penny to persons that oppose those bills.”

The referendum is open to the public on June 7th.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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