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Another escape from the Simpson Penn School for Boys has  left authorities stumped. They are mystified on  how this latest group of juveniles  escaped this past Saturday.

Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell said that it was around 8:00 Friday evening when a group of residents were under a pavilion watching TV under the supervision of two staff members. 

However, one staff member left to use the restroom, and upon returning, it was discovered that one of the boys was missing. 

He added that further checks of the facility revealed that four residents were missing from the facility.

Since then, one boy has been returned by his parent or guardian, the minister said. 

Three residents are left from this latest group of escapees added to the one still on the run from months back. 

The Minister was unable to say exactly how this latest group of boys escaped, but  did say that the method used this time around was different from the last. 

He said, “they were not in a cell or in a room or dormitory. They were out under a pavilion that’s open, and they were being supervised. Somebody is going to have to give an account.”

Minister Campbell in turn issued a stern warning to the public or anyone that knows of the escapees’ whereabouts.

He said, “it is an offense to harbour the boys. In addition to that, we’ve been mandated by various courts to have them there and keeping with that, we’re asking for assistance to return them to the school.”

Min. Campbell assured that the school has made corrections to the building since the first incident.

The incident on Saturday, he said,  seems to be a “procedural issue” which will be reviewed and the necessary stipulations made. 

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