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MOE Announces “Healthy Schools” Program

With the World Health Organization recognizing The Bahamas as the sixth most obese country in the world, this is a problem that officials recognize and are seeking to address.

During his contribution to the NHI Debate, Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald spoke about the implementation of a “Healthy Schools” program in our education system that will serve as a possible answer to the country’s obesity problem

 The healthy schools program is designed to coordinate child nutrition and school health services, physical education, counseling and spirituality as well as teaching staff wellness and community collaboration.

“Healthy schools are to provide opportunities to educate, support, model and reinforce positive student behavior, this becomes an umbrella which many of the student programs we already have in schools and come together to work for a common cause,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

Mr. Fitzgerald was prompted to respond to Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner who had an issue with the program seeing that government had done nothing to crack down on persons selling junk food outside of school grounds

Fitzgerald added that despite the government’s best efforts, nothing can be done once a student leaves a campus.

“On the way to school and on the way from school, on the side of the road with a trunk opened up or a little umbrella with their little stands are people who are selling junk food.

“So with all the healthy lifestyle and environment we’re tarrying to promote in the schools, that we’ve mandated and are adhering to, we can’t control what happens outside the doors of our schools.

No fixed date was given for the commencement of the program.

Childhood obesity can lead to a number of other health complications including diabetes, a non communicable disease that is already prevalent here in The Bahamas.







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