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Mixed Public Views on Referendum

With the gender equality referendum just two weeks away, Bahamians share mixed views on the upcoming referendum.


During interviews with people on the streets, persons expressed what they were going to vote and a plethora of reasons were given as to why Bahamians will vote as intended.


“That’s a no brainer, I’m going to vote yes to all,” Shelby McPhee an employee of the downtown area said.


“The Bahamas don’t need a referendum, what we need to do is carry out the laws we have now. Why should we exasperate it by coming up with new laws,” said Stephen McDonald.


“No, No, No,” Gregory Archer said.


“I had all intentions of voting yes on all of them, but I’m getting mixed emotions now,” said Lillimae Peters, a straw vendor.


In the past few weeks much controversy has flooded the media about the proposed bills.


Bill one stated that a married Bahamian woman will have the same rights as a married Bahamian man to pass her the citizenship on to child; next bill two proposes that the foreign spouse of a Bahamian woman will have the same rights as the spouse of a Bahamians man to become a Bahamians citizen; then bill three proposes that an unmarried Bahamian man will have the same rights as an unmarried Bahamian woman to pass his citizenship on to his child; lastly bill four proposes that discrimination be removed from the constitution on the basis of sex.


Bill four has raised the most discussion so far as many believe it will lead to a slippery slope of same sex marriage in The Bahamas.


When the vote was raised for bill four in Parliament, it was the only bill that received two nays, 34 yays, one abstention and one absentee.


“I don’t have a problem with gay agenda, but I don’t let them impose their rights on me,” said Edith McPhee.


“We just had a referendum, and the people vote one way and the government gone one way. These referendums aren’t making no sense,” Mr. McDonald said.


“Aren’t you equal now, don’t we have a governor general?” one lady who wished to remain anonymous questioned.


“I read all four of the bills, I don’t see anything with gays in it. I only see that it gives to my daughter what goes to my son,” said Don Smith, a taxi cab driver.


“I’m voting no, and I’m against that gay right. I believe that’s what they are easing on. Man marrying man and woman marrying woman,” an anonymous taxi driver said.


The referendum is set for June 7th.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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