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Mitchell Wants Govt to Fight Fox Hill Crime—Teen Murders Concern Former MP

Former Fox Hill Member of Parliament Senator Fred Mitchell weighed in on the recent teen homicides in the area and called on the Free National Movement (FNM) government to implement or put resources in place to curb shootings that occur in the area.


Through a Whatsapp video the former MP sent a clear message to the office of the commissioner of police, the minister of national security and the FNM administration.


Mr. Mitchell’s recent video was in response to two shootings of teenage boys that took place in Fox Hill only days a part.


“Last night I got a call and I could hear the screams of a mother at the hospital because her 17-year-old son had just been killed in the Adderley Street area, Adderley Street and Johnson Road,” Mr. Mitchell said in the video.

“This is the second killing [in as many weeks] in the Fox Hill area.

“Somebody, who is a teenager, that the kid before was 16-years-old and he is dead, supposedly over a chain.

“Before that I’ve written the commissioner of police asking for additional resources to be put in to Fox Hill to fight this crime epidemic and the gun shots that are being fired every night and people having to crouch in their homes.

“No response from the commissioner of police, no response more importantly from the minister of national security who campaigned, beating up his gums saying that oh yea, they had the solution to all of this and the situation has gotten worse.

“And the minister of national security is silent. Has nothing to say. He needs to step up to the plate and the government needs to put the resources in Fox Hill to get this problem resolved.”

Standing in Fox Hill Park, at the roundabout of Bernard and Fox Hill Roads, Mr. Mitchell alluded to the fact that since the FNM administration took office nothing has been done to upkeep the conditions of the park.

“If you look even at the environment that we are on, this brand new park, that I put before I left as member of parliament, the grass isn’t even cut and the environment isn’t kept properly; that’s the legacy of this FNM government,” Mr. Mitchell said.

He further stated, “Now enough is enough.”

After lambasting the FNM administration, Mr. Mitchell said something must be done, as he did when he was the member of parliament for the area to tap down the issues the area is plagued with.

“The fact that you have now a 17-year-old got killed, in Fox Hill plus two shot, plus gunshots every night, that’s what’s going on here,” Mr. Mitchell said.

“We must do something about it and don’t tell me that I was the MP and blah blah blah that has nothing to do with what is happening now.

“We need to put resources to do something now.

“When I was MP I did what was necessary to tap these issues down. I’m saying bring the resources FNM government do something about it.”

Just four days apart, 16-year-old Jeffery Wright and 17-year-old Mitchell Munroe were shot in the Fox Hill area.

Wright died on the scene in the backyard of his home, while Munroe succumbed to his gunshot wound hours later at the Princess Margaret Hospital.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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