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Minnis Promises Tax Reform

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis last night promised a future of tax reform under an FNM government.


During an FNM candidate launch on Christie Park, after bashing the Christie administration for its “neglect” of the Bahamian people, Dr. Minnis said as a part of the FNM’s People’s Agenda it will launch a program of further property tax discounts and rebates for all pensioners over 65 who pay property tax and qualify for such a program.


According to Dr. Minnis the program will apply to the primary residence of such homeowners.


Additionally, the FNM leader said that his government will institute a tax initiative that will be substantially beneficial to inner city communities.


“We will help the people in the inner city to invest in their own communities by using the tax code to spur jobs, economic activity and investment. Within this inner-city tax free zone, there will be no import duties on construction materials for residential and commercial buildings,” he said.


“No real property tax or business license fees, no taxes on certain household furniture, no taxes on business equipment after proper vetting, and reduced duty on special vehicles necessary for businesses,” Dr. Minnis explained.


In further efforts to expand the country economically, Dr. Minnis added that his government will engage the expertise of economic advisors.


“The mission of this Council will be to get the best advice on economic growth and development from experts, specialists, business people and citizens. No government has all the answers. We need the ideas, creativity, experience and wisdom of a broad cross-section of Bahamians and residents to help spur growth and boost our economy,” he said.


“One of the tasks of the Council of Advisors is to help develop concrete ideas for diversification within tourism, our main industry, and diversification throughout the economy.   We must urgently boost growth and GDP for broad scale economic development and in the interest of boosting government revenue.   The government has become too reliant on certain taxes as a first resort as a source of revenue. Economic growth will help to stabilize government finances,” Dr. Minnis continued.


The FNM leader also expanded on his potential government’s plan in regards to developing the environment.


“In order to boost growth and reduce energy costs, and to address environmental concerns, my government will launch a National Solarization program that will help many thousands of consumers to reduce their electricity costs and reduce our fuel import bill,” Dr. Minnis said.


Dr. Minnis’ sentiments came as the FNM launched more of its “change team” candidates including Reece Chipman for Centreville, Dionisio D’Aguilar for Free Town, Shanendon Cartwright for St. Barnabas, Travis Robinson for Bain and Grant’s Town and Raymond Rolle for Englerston.


“Our change teams have Perry Christie and the PLP running scared. Christie is now on the ground in Centreville. Many residents say they haven’t seen him for years. People say he looks scared when he comes to Centreville. He is scared he might lose his seat,” lamented Dr. Minnis.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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