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Minnis Making Deals with the Devil

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday suggested that Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is “courting” Baha Mar Developer Sarkis Izmirlian and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Brent Symonette solely for financial gain.


Calling the pair a “Stop, Cancel and Review” team, Mr. Roberts said the FNM leader is creating a team that will result in economic distress.


“The emergence of the disgruntled Sarkis Izmarlin and his loyalists who were conveniently parachuted into the leadership of the FNM by an act of fascism by Dr. Minnis creates a toxic mix that can only spell dire economic straits and ultimate collapse of the Bahamian economy under an FNM government. From all indications, Sarkis’ singular objective is the “Stop, Review and Cancel” of the on again Baha Mar project,” said Mr. Roberts.


“The Bahamian people can ill afford this impending doom given the fact that Minnis and Symonette presided over the most spectacular economic decline of this country’s economy since the great depression. To date, Minnis and the FNM have not taken any responsibility for the part they played in this calamity. Sarkis only wants to scuttle and destroy Baha Mar,” he said.


The PLP chairman reiterated that Dr. Minnis’ goal for partnership with both men is for “financial convenience”.


“The only logical reason is Minnis’ desperation for more money to fund the FNM’s election campaign. In light of the following facts, why would Minnis even be bothered with Symonette other than for his money,” Mr. Roberts asked.


Mr. Roberts alluded to the fact that just a few months back during the preparation for the FNM convention, Mr. Symonette rejected Dr. Minnis’ leadership, while instead supporting Long Island MP, Loretta Butler Turner.


“Symonette exposed the financial fragility of the FNM and its challenges to pay for that convention. The disgraced Symonette was caught red-handed self-dealing on multiple occasions including the airport runway contract, the relocation of the container port and the New Providence Road Improvement project. Symonette was fired as Chairman of the Airport Authority for self-dealing,” Mr. Roberts


“Symonette was a failure as Tourism Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. His “Hip to Hop to the Bahamas Campaign” is still today regarded on Madison Avenue as the biggest marketing promotional flop in recent history,” he lamented.


The PLP chairman added that in essence, Mr. Izmirlian is search of retribution, while Mr. Symonette represents big business.


It is based on this premise that Mr. Roberts suggests Dr. Minnis will not be concerned or catering to the “small man”.


“He (Dr. Minnis) is seeking to make two deals with the devil in exchange for money,” added Mr. Roberts.


“With the return of Brent Symonette the country can rest assured that Minnis will have all of the components of his Stop Cancel and Review team in place to run havoc and amok on the Baha Mar development and plunge this country in an economic nightmare,”


Mr. Roberts said the PLP remains vigilant to expose the interaction of Dr. Minnis, Mr. Izmirlian and Mr. Symonette.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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