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Minnis Bashing “Spy” Bill

The government’s recent move to quietly table the Interception of Communications Bill (ICB) in Parliament is being criticised by Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis.

In a statement yesterday, Dr. Minnis suggested the government introduced the bill subtly in an effort of “desperateness to seize and wield more ill-gotten power”.

The ICB’s purpose is to allow police to intercept the planning and execution of serious crimes as it adds a new privacy protection for Bahamians.

Moreover, an independent judicial review would be required before a citizen’s communications could be monitored or intercepted.

Meantime the FNM leader insists the bill is deceptive.

“Bahamians everywhere have been subjected to nearly five years of their schemes, their empty rhetoric and series of broken promises.  This is nothing new for the PLP; it was this Government that illegally operated the National Intelligence Agency without introducing a bill to legalize it.  And while the people’s voices were heard and together we were able to derail their latest power play, we must stand vigilant as the election nears and the PLP becomes more and more desperate,” Dr. Minnis said.

The FNM leader added that the government is using the bill to gain political advantage.

“Let’s call their Spy Bill for what it is –an effort to gain a political advantage for an oppressive Government to use the power of government to intimidate and spy on Bahamians who would stand up to them,” he said.

“There is an election around the corner so it’s no coincidence of the timing.  This is an election where the PLP will be called to answer for their disastrous record in office. We can expect more efforts to tip the scales in their favour, and we have seen that they are willing to go to any length to hold onto power,” Dr. Minnis added.

Despite the government’s so called tactics, Dr. Minnis suggested the FNM will do all in its power to prevent the Bahamian people from being taken advantage of.

“The FNM will stand vigilant with the Bahamian people.  We will not allow this government to intimidate the people.  For the past five years they have not had a voice in their government and that will change under a FNM government. It’s time for the government to be the people’s government, and we will make it the people’s time,” he said.

Meanwhile, due to mounting concerns surrounding the ICB from public and private citizens, Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson announced this week, that debate on the bill has been delayed.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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