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Minnis Addresses Psychological Impact Of Crime

Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis said  yesterday that open murders like that of Inspector Carlis Blatch have a  psychological impact on the Bahamian society. 

“You can imagine what has happened to H.O. Nash and the family members, you can imagine when somebody is raped in their home, or they’re robbed in their home, the psychological impact, he said.”

“We’re just looking at capturing the criminal, but we’re not looking at what it has done psychologically, not only to that family, but to the nation,” he added.

“And then we see the impact 10-20 years later, and then we wonder why individuals are disturbed, why they’re disturbed psychologically, why they’re behaving this way.” 

The Prime Minister who spoke at the National Skills Symposium,  said if we are to save the nation, Bahamians must not just look at overt criminality, but how they can help stop what will occur in the future. 

“Bahamians must be more open, must become involved and understand that the nation you see today will deteriorate tomorrow if you’re not involved,” he said.

“That the stability that you see today in the young people, you will not see tomorrow,” he added.

“And then you wonder why our kids go astray, they go astray because we’ve caused psychological damage to be inflicted on them 10 years ago and then we’re seeing the after effect 20 years later. 

“So we must become involved today and save our nation, not just from the overt criminality that we see, but the hidden criminality that they inflict on our society.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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