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Ministry addressing school concerns

The  Ministry of Education  is  revamping the physical plant of the many schools throughout the country.

This  comes on the heels of efforts to address another mold situation – this time at CW Sawyer  Primary School.

“We have been working  assiduously   to address that,” says  Mr. Donovan Turnquest, the Deputy Permanent Secretary who is responsible for the physical plant. “ I mean the entire physical system of the ministry met yesterday with the teachers sought their concerns and address those concerns. 

“We have been working on the campus addressing whatever the issues are,  and that is an ongoing process at the moment,” he said.  

There are also reports of mold in Black Point Exuma , which the minister said is also being addressed.

He said, “the Black Point School is also being addressed and has been addressed. The facilities manager went there and did the scope of work along with the Ministry of Works and we have already contracted somebody to take care of those issues definitely.  

The Education Minister also at the time indicated that he is still awaiting reports from the police, teacher and students involved in an altercation at CH Reeves Junior High.

In the meantime, the Ministry claims it is  pushing ahead with implementing the teachers’ suggestions on how best to ensure safety on the Robinson Road campus.

Minister Lloyd said, “those are being aggressively implemented as we speak right now, a lot of it has to do with sensitization, as well as of course training and a reminder of why we are on our school campuses both for the learning and teaching process, but we are here to make sure that our teachers, our students and everybody else are safe and protected.”  

The CH Reeves incident follow a similar one at the CV Bethel High School last month.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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