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According to National Security Minister Marvin Dames, if one was to look at the countries who have moved to legalize marijuana, it is not something that will happen over night. 

Mr. Dames told reporters outside of Cabinet yesterday that the country has to look at all sides of the issue. 

He added that  regulation and cultural dynamics also play an important role in this discussion. 

He added that there is a lot of work and a lot of studies that go  into this process, and that the government will not rush into a decision. 

It was suggested in the CARICOM Commission on Marijuana’s 2018 report that a strictly regulated framework similar to that of alcohol and tobacco be introduced for marijuana. 

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said that the discussion on this can be carried to many different levels. 

He added, “that discussion presupposes that the government will be minded to go down a particular road, and I think that would be premature, but the idea that these items ought to carry a significant tax is certainly reasonable.” 

Proponents of the herb have long pushed its medical benefits, but the Health Minister said that argument swing both ways. 

He said, “there is significant medical evidence on both sides particularly when you’re talking about juvenile brains that marijuana is not innocuous.”

He added that recent studies show that Cannabidiol or CBD , which is a component in marijuana, prove to be safe and effective with medical marijuana use. 

Dr. Sands also argued that medical marijuana typically serves as a gateway to recreational marijuana. However,  he acknowledged the fact that the country must take a look at the issue as the world is changing. 

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