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Minister Warns Drivers without Licence Plates

A stern warning was sent to motorists driving without licence plates from Transport and Local Government Minister Frankie Campbell, as he too urged police officers around the country to deal with such individuals by the confines of the law.

Since the implementation of a new automated system for the Road Traffic Department as part of the initiative, the Ministry of National Security in conjunction with the Bahamas Department of Corrections have utilized inmates to produce new licence plates as a part of the rehabilitation process.

The new system’s implementation took place on October 27, 2016 for which the Ministry of Finance allocated $8,371,908 for the system upgrade.

Included in the system upgrade was the issuance of new licence plates.

Shortly after the roll out, the department ran out of licence plates, leaving many motorists to drive without them.

However, since then, on May 29 the new plates have been produced at the Bahamas Department of Corrections, but a number of vehicles can be seen on the streets of New Providence with missing licence plates.

With this being the case, Mr. Campbell charged that there is no reason why motorists should be driving under that condition.

“I have spoken to the Road Traffic Controller and I’m informed that the licence plates are here present for up to June and I have communicated with my colleagues with various responsibilities to ask law enforcement officers, particularly the police to address those who are driving around without licence plates,” said Mr. Campbell.

“The plates are here. Officers can go ahead and issue the necessary tickets. There are no excuses for persons to be driving around without plates. I’m also advised that if there’s an instance in the future and there are no new plates available that persons are asked to continue with existing plates on their vehicle with a receipt showing that they have paid for the new set of plates to show to law enforcement officers who may stop them.”

The minister further gave a breakdown of how funds were allocated throughout the project.

“We shelled out $750,000 for the necessary software and hardware to the equipment to make this happen.  In addition to $75,000 which will be paid out in maintenance cost and $124,800 in salaries for the 20 inmates selected to carry out the job,” said Mr. Campbell.

Meantime, new legislation is expected to continue the enhancement and 21st century development of the Road Traffic Department.

Overall, $57,576,910 has been allocated for improvements and developments throughout the ministry.

The transport minister’s sentiments came yesterday during his contribution to the budget debate in the House of Assembly.

Mr. Campbell touted the idea of the department’s new automated system implemented by the previous administration, but he expressed concerns surrounding its execution.

“The process caused more stress than was intended.” Minister Campbell said.

However, the minister applauded the fact that the system has its advantages with one of those being accountability.

Meanwhile, the roll out of the automation system on most of the Family Islands is expected to take place between July and October of this year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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