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Minister Recants On Baha Mar

Dionisio D'Aguilar

A Cabinet Minister  has recanted  his criticisms of the mulit-billion dollar resort, Baha Mar. Leading up to the last general elections, Minister of Tourism, Mr. Dionisio D’Aguilar  made scathing  remarks about the Christie administration’s handling of the Baha Mar project. Now he says, his position has changed since he offered those views. 

“When I offered those views, I was the director of a company that was run by the initial investor (Sarkis Izmirlian)  and I was supportive of those views. 

“But now I am the Minister of Tourism and I am looking out for all Bahamians. That asset has been built, concessions have been given, it’s now time, no matter what my feelings were, to get that hotel open and Bahamians employed.

“That’s my primary focus and that’s the primary focus of this government, previous views notwithstanding,” Mr. D’Aguilar said. 

With the major brand opening at the multi-billion dollar luxury resort, Rosewood, Mr.  D’Aguilar said that Bahamians are not concerned about who is in office when it comes to the resort opening. 

“It’s been a long journey and those two hundred plus rooms that are coming on stream, its wonderful news. It’s a five-star product, top of the line and so we are very excited that the final piece of the Baha Mar cake is falling into place, many billions and many years later,” he said. 

However, responding to comments made that the Free National Movement is basking in the foundation that the Progressive Liberal Party had laid with regard to the resort, Mr. D’Aguilar said that it was because of the PLP that the project was delayed and costed the Bahamian economy drastically. 

“They keep claiming that this is a PLP deal.  I just want to remind you that it was because of them, this project has been delayed two years and the economic impact that was to the tune of $2 billion. 

“So, yes, it’s finally coming on stream.  Yes, we happen to be in office when its coming on and yes, we are facilitating that coming on stream; but make no bones about it, they delayed the project and one could never forget the cost that has had to the Bahamian economy. 

“So, we are here, we are making sure that it is coming on stream. We are facilitating that process; we’re being as helpful as we possibly can to make it happen and the Bahamian people don’t really care who’s in office when it came on stream. They’re just happy that it is finally coming on stream and its creating economic opportunities for our people and that’s my position,” Mr. D’Aguilar said. 

The Rosewood officially opened on Tuesday evening.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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