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Miller: Unions Raping The Country

Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller says that the greediness displayed by some of the unions within in the country is a large part of why The Bahamas is in the state it is now.

In a speech held yesterday at the Rotary Club Of West Nassau, in which he spoke about the need for less foreign entities to control the potable water supply in The Bahamas, Miller alluded to the fact that the unions in The Bahamas are “raping” the country .

“The unions alone what they extract from you, why you think Mr. Ingraham was so happy to get rid of BTC, he didn’t care what he sold it for, he just didn’t want to deal with them anymore. They were laying off people from the beginning. They getting ready to lay off another crew again, you cannot sustain the demands of the unions in this country,” Mr. Miller said.

Mr. Miller named co-operations in particular that he feels are at the root of the dilemma and urges that serious changes must be made.

“When it comes to Water and Sewage, BEC and Batelco they have raped this country to no end, when you sit with those guys, and I sat with them at the Water and Sewage Corporation a couple weeks ago, fellas come in there and say Mr. Miller I’m so glad you came and that the potcake is here, Mr. Davis tell us you gone take care of us and I say ok fine what it is it you want? They want more money, they want to go to a different tier, these fellas making over $60,000 a year,” added Miller.

He would note that none of the persons in these unions make any contributions to their pension or medical funds, both of which are paid for by the government.

“None of them pay a penny into the pension fund, we fund their pension fund 100 per cent, none of them pay a penny into the medical fund, we fund their medical fund 100 percent, you think any company could sustain itself with that type of foolishness,” said Miller.

The minister also spoke about the grim situation that affects The Bahamas and says the country is in strong need of a change.

“There are some serious problems in this country that we must face as a people, we are in trouble in this country in many instances because of the demands of people who are greedy as hell and don’t know when enough is enough , that’s the problem we have we know our brothers and sisters catching eternal hell, this is the worst time in this country I’ve seen in my lifetime and fellas coming to you about they want more, I could deal with a pig that’s a nice little animal but when you become a hog, they end up on the dining room table as ham and that’s what you need to do with a lot of them, bake them,” said Miller .

Mr. Miller is now in charge of the Water and Sewage Co-operation after being removed as the head of the BEC, the outspoken MP has come under fire for his recent comments on a host of issues.



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