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McCartney: Minnis Is A Copy Cat

Throwing jeers at Dr. Minnis, Mr. McCartney accused the FNM leader of trying to mimic the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) platform, recently at a press conference held at the party’s headquarters.

“Just recently, we’ve heard in particular from the Free National Movement, echoing the sentiments of the DNA positions that we have put forward since 2011, such as fix date for election.

“You’ve never heard them say that before, but we said that from 2011. Such as term limits for prime minister, you’ve never heard them say that.

“As a matter of fact, in the last election the leader for the Free National Movement wanted to go for a fourth time and that was supported by the now present leader of the Free National Movement (FNM).

“But now he says he wants fixed terms,” Mr. McCartney said.

With a message for Dr. Minnis, Mr. McCartney warned that he [Minnis] should go into his constituency, and concentrate on winning there; but further stated that it would be in vain.

“Tell Dr. Minnis concentrate on his scripts that he has to read. Tell Dr. Minnis concentrate on his people.

“Minnis needs to know that lady right there [Arinthia Komolafe] I can say this without stuttering, she is going to get DNA votes, PLP votes.

“Tell this to Dr. Minnis, she will get FNM votes; ask me how I know, because they have told me, and I have told her to get ready.

“Dr. Minnis gone, no doubt about that,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney further told the room full of candidates and supporters that the 2017 General Election is between the Free National Movement and the Democratic National Alliance, with the DNA being ready to govern.

“This race is between the DNA and the FNM, period.

“The PLP is finished. The DNA, this is what the polls are saying and this is what they are saying on the ground, on the ground the DNA is winning,” Mr. McCartney said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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