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McCartney Killers Sentenced

Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs has sentenced 23-year-old Thorne Edwards to 45 years for murder and 20 years for armed robbery to be served concurrently from yesterday’s date less the three years served and 22 year-old Lyndera Curry to seven years for manslaughter and five years for armed robbery also to be served concurrently from yesterday’s date less her three years already served.

The long awaited ruling seemingly did not faze the couple as they remained emotionless during Justice Isaacs ruling in court Tuesday morning.

The pair was found guilty of the October 2013 murder of Richard Kurt McCartney outside the Last Man Standing Bar in Gambier Village.

Curry’s lawyer Sonia Timothy said she felt the courts were fair with their ruling.

“The evidence in this case against my client was that the death was caused by her driving over the deceased with a vehicle. I think it is that the judge would have taken into account the instrument that caused the death being a vehicle as opposed to a firearm, a knife or anything like that,” she said.

“So the sentence that has been handed down considering the offense, considering this is a life that has been lost. I think it is a very fair sentence.”

Mrs. Timothy said initially Curry indicated every intention to appeal but given the sentence that was handed own she is unsure what her client would want to do moving forward.

Edwards’ lawyer Geoffrey Farquharson, however, was not content with the ruling on his client saying the 45-year sentence was disproportionate in comparison to another case.

“The Court Of Appeal handed down a sentence for Larry Raymond Jones in a contract killing, which is clearly a much more serious offense that the circumstances described in this particular incident, Jones got 30 years and the court gave Edwards 45 years,” he said.

“On the surface it does not appear to be proportionate and we will ask the court of appeal to review that.”

Mr. Farquharson also requested that the judge keep the status of his client as a remand prisoner during the 21-day appeal period as there is a difference between prisoners who are remanded and those who have been convicted.

He said he wants his client to keep his current privileges that include but are not limited to visitation rights and rights to receive things from the outside.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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