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McCartney Is Out of Politics

Branville McCartney is officially out of politics as he stepped down from leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) on Tuesday.


In his farewell speech McCartney thanked his party’s executives, candidates and constituency supporters as he said they have all made his journey more rewarding.


“I thank you for believing in me when others lost faith. I thank you for forgiving my mistakes, for defending me and for loving me in spite of my shortcomings. You have all made this journey more rewarding than I could have hoped,” McCartney said.


He added that he knows that none of the successes the DNA would have even been possible without the hard work, support, criticisms and encouragement of many.


“Perhaps the most important lesson this journey has taught me however, has been humility. While some people may have a hard time believing that, I can safely say that NOTHING is more humbling than being told NO…not once, but twice,” McCartney said.


He passed the baton to Chris Mortimer and said he will still be around to fuel the lighthouse as they chart a course toward a better life for all.


“My stepping aside as leader is not about giving up or throwing in the towel, instead, it is about clearing a path for others so that other bright minds within our ranks have an opportunity to shine and so that our organization can move forward with new and fresh ideas,” McCartney said.


He added that while critics may say he is abandoning the party or throwing a tantrum, nothing could be further from the truth.


McCartney said he remains willing and ready to help the party wherever and whenever he can.


“There were some missteps, some bigger than others, but as I step down from the role of leader, I can say without question that the lessons, which I have learned as part of this process, will serve me well into the future,” McCartney said.

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