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McCartney: I Never Proposed A Coalition

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance Branville McCartney refutes reports that claimed he had proposed the idea of a coalition between his party and the free national movement.

The former Bamboo Town MP in an interview with the Bahama Journal said that his words were misconstrued by different media outlets and that he was simply responding to a question centered on possible ways he could get rid of the government.

His initial response came while as a guest on “The Revolution” hosted by Juan McCartney when he said a coalition between the FNM and DNA would “finish” the PLP.

“I was asked a question about the easiest way to beat the PLP and I said the numbers would show certain things, I never proposed any coalition.

“If anything I said how difficult it would be dealing with the party because of what is going on now,” Mr. McCartney said.

McCartney added that different media outlets were too haste in coming to that conclusion and claims of meetings between representatives from both parties were unfounded.

“I’ve never said it, the media ran with that story and started saying all sorts of things, I simply was making a suggestion based on numbers, I’ve seen reports speaking about meeting with persons and that is not the case, that hasn’t happened,” he said.

“The DNA is moving forward to run in the next general election and as you can see or listened to me previously, the FNM is a very fractured party and they are obviously having a difficult time with their leader and how can you do anything in that regard and that’s the reality.

McCartney’s comments come on the heels of a proposed letter drafted by senior FNM mps seeking the removal of FNM leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, highlighting the rift within the party an issue McCartney has always been very vocal about.

When asked about his comments on the alleged letter, McCartney said he would not comment until the letter has been officially issued and would not comment on anything that is just speculation.



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