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McCartney Dispels DNA Leadership Rumors

DNA Press Conference

DNA Press ConferenceDemocratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney came out of hiding yesterday and confirmed that he has not and will not walk away from the party.

“What would’ve made you think I wouldn’t be with the DNA?” McCartney objected during yesterday’s press conference.

“I’m the leader of the DNA. That is certainly not the case,” added McCartney.

It has been rumored that McCartney had stepped down and DNA Deputy Leader Christopher Mortimer had taken charge. McCartney revealed that he had not heard of the rumors.


He explained that his absence from the spotlight would be “fitting for the government to have an opportunity to do what they have to do.”

During the press conference McCartnety also criticized the Minnis administration for backtracking on some of the major promises made during the campaign such as Baha Mar.

He demanded that the government make the Baha Mar deal fully public and claimed that government is not being transparent with Bahamians about the deal.

“The attorney general, I’m told said, he looked at it and said, ‘Okay, It’s okay. There is nothing wrong,’ but yet on the campaign trail said it was one of the worst deals for the Bahamian people. So, now you’re going to say there’s nothing wrong,” McCartney argued.

He even went further to denounce the previous government for spending money carelessly and having corrupt practices.

McCartney believes the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) should be sued for “negligence” during governance.

He blames both the PLP and the Free National Movement (FMN) for causing the country to be “messed right the hell up.”

As for the future of the DNA, McCartney is unclear whether he will put his name forward to be in the running as the party’s leader.

McCartney revealed that the leader will be determined in a special meeting. No date has been set as yet.

The defeat has not deterred the party as McCartney respects the people’s choice and will continue as he “wants to see a better country and as a political organization we’re going to move towards that happening.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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