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Many Public Servants Unpaid

After receiving reports that a number of public servants were not paid for the month of August, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts warned Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis that the government’s actions can trigger a revolt.

In a statement yesterday, Roberts said the government’s delay in paying civil servants last month is “highly unfortunate and heartless on the part of Prime Minister Minnis.”

He explained that many parents, who are civil servants, were depending on those funds to properly prepare their children for school which begins today.

“While students and their parents suffer because of the terrible policies of Dr. Hubert Minnis which created unnecessary uncertainty, hardship and misery for countless Bahamian families, the prime minister and his foreign minister violated their own self-imposed policy on foreign travel and are enjoying cocktails in Atlanta at the expense of Bahamian taxpayers, hundreds of whom Minnis fired since coming to office,” Roberts said.

“He did so under some spurious cost cutting policy while he gives away tens of millions of dollars in tax concessions to rich friends, cronies and political donors.”

According to the PLP chairman, many persons expressed their disappointments in the Minnis administration, which placed large numbers of civil servants on the unemployment line.

“We ask again how in heavens name can the Minnis government justify giving away $10,000,000 in business license rebate to the rich on the one hand and terminating long serving civil servants in the name of politics while claiming the cupboards are bare,” Roberts said.

“Bahamians continue to ask which people’s time is it anyway? The policies of the FNM (Free National Movement) are at odds with their campaign slogan of change and it’s the people’s time!

“The PLP reminds the FNM government that Bahamians are at the breaking point and there will be a time of reckoning sooner rather than later as the Bahamian people did not vote for this arrogant and cold hearted betrayal of public trust and slap in the face. Dr. Minnis should be careful he does not trigger a revolt by civil servants.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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