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Make Parents Responsible Make Parents Responsible

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) yesterday urged the government to attack crime at its root by making parents of juvenile criminals responsible for their children’s offences, a notion that the party said is actually supported by legislature.

“Under Section 125 of the Child Protection Act, parents are made responsible for certain acts of juveniles and I really think that the government needs to begin moving forward and enforcing it in that regard,” DNA Leader Branville McCartney said.

“It makes note that a parent or guardian of a juvenile can pay the fine or cost of the damages done by the offender. Let’s enforce these kinds of laws so that every night we don’t have to hear stories from mothers about their ‘good child,’ before the court,” DNA Leader Branville McCartney said.

He said when parents of young offenders are forced to be responsible for their child’s offences it may possibly spark a trend of better parenting, which will begin to attack criminal behavior before it begins to develop.

“Let’s make sure that some of these laws that we can use to our advantage are utilised to make sure that consequences are in place for the actions of wrongdoers. That is the main problem today, persons commit these crimes, but there are no consequences and as a result of that they feel they can get away with anything. Let’s start to have a disciplined society,” Mr. McCartney said.

While Mr. McCartney called for a more disciplined approach to parenting young people, he also suggested that parents become more responsible for ensuring that their children take advantage of the education system.

Underscoring the importance of a good education and how it can deter young minds from offensive behavior, Mr. McCartney said the government can employ legislature which holds parents accountable when a child’s performance or attendance wavers.

“Under the Education Act, Sections 24 and 25, there are provisions where parents are duty bound that their children get an education and that they attend school. Believe it or not there are consequences if these things to not happen,” he noted.

“This government was put into power handsomely, so I want the Bahamian people to put their feet to the fire to ensure that they provide good governance and I believe that starting in the home with good discipline and a sound education is a small step in the right direction towards molding and shaping brighter, young minds.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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